Patients Responsibilities

  • Keep your appointment or cancel it - someone else wants it urgently!
  • Do make more than one appointment if more than one person is to be seen or an individual has more than one problem.
  • Please remember that a prescription is not the answer to every consultation.
  • Please use our out-of-hours services appropriately - ie when you really cannot wait until the next general surgery.
  • Please be courteous to our receptionists - we do not want to lose them and, whatever the problem, it really isn’t their fault!
  • Please use the check-in screen, if possible, to check in for your appointment. It releases our reception staff to answer the telephone and deal with queries.
  • Look after your own health. Exercise regularly and watch your diet. Ask the doctors or practice nurse for advice.
  • Do not threaten violence - we support the NHS 'Zero Tolerance' campaign and will de-register any patient who is violent, threatens violence or is abusive towards any of our staff or visitors.
  • The premises are monitored with CCTV imaging at all times, including the reception area and car park.
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