Make an Appointment

For Routine Or Non-Urgent Appointments

  • You may consult any of the doctors.
  • Calling well in advance (up to four weeks (doctors and nurses)) will help ensure a suitable appointment time for you.
  • Calling between 10.30am and 1.00pm or 3.00 and 6.00pm will help us by avoiding our busiest times.
  • Routine GP appointments can also be booked online. To register for this service following the "Patient Access" link below.

How Do I...
Obtain An Urgent Appointment Or Advice?

Patients requesting urgent appointments will be asked the nature of the problem by the receptionist. Patients unable or unwilling to give an indication will be telephoned back by the GP to establish whether an urgent face-to-face appointment is necessary. Telephone help or advice may be possible. Urgent appointment slots are only released on the day at 8am and 2pm, please telephone at these times.

All patients requesting urgent advice should consider whether such advice can be obtained from their pharmacy or from NHS Direct before consulting the GP. GPs will not respond urgently to requests of a purely administrative nature.

Please note that the surgery is operated on an appointment basis. Where problems are of such urgency (ie life-threatening) that immediate attention is necessary, the emergency service is available via Accident and Emergency or, for less serious cases, via NHS walk-in centres. If you are unsure as to where to seek help, either in an emergency or for a routine matter, please call NHS 111 (dial 111). Always avoid attending A&E for matters that could be dealt with by your GP.

How Do I...
Obtain Help For Minor Problems?

We ask that for minor illnesses you consult your local pharmacy before coming to the doctor. Many medicines are available to purchase without prescription to treat a number of minor conditions including:  

  • athlete's foot,
  • nappy rash,
  • coughs and colds,
  • constipation and diarrhoea,
  • ear wax,
  • hay fever,
  • head lice,
  • sore throats,
  • facial hair,
  • minor aches & pains,
  • minor acne,
  • threadworm,
  • slimming,
  • indigestion,
  • injuries,
  • travel medicines,
  • sun protection,
  • vomiting,
  • piles,
  • thrush,
  • dry skin,

excess perspiration and many more... so do ask your pharmacist.

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